Murder Comes Ashore*

“Since I’ve come here to the seaside, I’d like to walk down to the beach now please,” I say to Seb.  We’ve ventured outside in the wind and rain.  It’s not so cold today and although the sky is grey, the rain is lighter than it was yesterday.

“OK then,” Seb says, opening the huge umbrella.  “Let’s walk down along the front and then back to the restaurant.  I’m not going to make that aubergine dish after all.”

When we reach the sea front, the gulls are taking off and landing.  Blown off their feet by the wind, they circle and come back down to the beach.  Cawing, they flock near us.  Here they are:

“Doesn’t the sea look beautiful,” I say, watching the grey-green waves crash against the shore.

“And powerful,” Seb says.

“We’ve been happy here, haven’t we darling?” I say, taking Seb’s hand.

“Very happy,” he says, kissing me.

As we walk along the beach I’m biting back tears.  It’s been so lovely, this summer, being together by the sea.  It’s not going to be so easy in October, I think, once Seb is further away.  Must treasure each moment here with my Seb, I think, putting my arm round him.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2014.  By Julie Anne Lindsey.  Book Two in the Patience Price mystery series.

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