The Tale Of Mrs Tiggy-winkle*

Back at the flat.  My beautiful new laundry basket sits, empty, in front of the washing machine.  Red lights flash.  The wash is over.  Soon, will need to take the wet clothes out, place them in the basket and then hang them on the airer.  Soon, but not yet.  First must write this.

Wish Mrs Tiggy-winkle was here to help with all this laundry.  

Other tasks pending around the home:
1.  Bath.

2.  Making and then eating supper.

3.  Painting nails.

4.  Cleaning ears – at least twice more today.  It’s hard work cleaning and rotating the earrings three times per day.

5.  Replying to some of the texts and emails that arrive and that never answer.

The panther lies next to me as I write this.  Stroking his head, I decide to prepare The Omelette first.  Can’t be miserable whilst chopping vegetables after all.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1905.  By Beatrix Potter.  Stars a washerwoman who is a hedgehog.


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