Murder Mistaken*

“Hello,” I say, answering the flat phone last night at 6.30pm.

“Hello my lovely,” Seb says.  “How are you?”

“I’ve had an epic nap and now I’m packing,” I say, although haven’t started yet.  Haven’t even unpacked from earlier in the week.  “How are you my darling?”

“I had to saw the sofa in half in the end,” Seb says.  “It’s jolly hard work.”

“I’m sorry darling,” I say, unsure as to why the sofa needed to be destroyed.  “I know you liked that sofa and…”

“Never mind.  It had to be done,” Seb says.  “So, I’ve packed up most of my stuff: I’ve done a lot of clearing out.”

“Ah good,” I say, staring at the dishwasher which needs unloading.  “What do I need to bring – what’s the weather forecast?”

“Nice, I think,” Seb says.  “Bring some of your dresses and some fit-flops, and trainers and gym trousers.  In case there’s bad weather and…I’m afraid there won’t be any wifi, that’s gone.”

“Oh,” I say.  Argh – my blog though.  Will have to write at least one on the train and then let’s hope that there’s a pub or restaurant with wifi.  There will just have to be.  We will be in Civilisation after all.   “Can’t wait to see you my darling,” I say.

“See you tomorrow my love,” Seb says.

“Goodnight darling,” I say, and return to my packing.

Am writing this on the train.  Of course was an hour early as usual and have caught the earlier train.  Have sent Seb a message to inform him of this but he’s probably asleep.

Attached photo is some of Mum’s petunias.
Happy Saturday everyone!
*1952.  By Janet Green.  Play.


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