Wicked Autumn*

“Hello lovely.  Am out with brother,” Seb’s message comes through at 2.44pm.  “Nice markets around so I’ll bring supper.  Any requests?”

“Thank you,” I reply.  My darling Seb.  “Olives, bread and cheese please xxx.”

Have been filming all day with Mum and am so exhausted that my mind has gone blank.  It’s already almost dark at six o’clock.  The nights are drawing in.  So, am going to make a list of Autumn things that are nice:

1.  Tights.

2.  Boots.

3.  Not having to shave legs all the time.

4.  Autumnwatch: rutting stags, baby seals and all the wildlife action of the season.

5.  More cuddles with the fluffy monster as he will spend more times indoors.

6.  Downton Abbey.  It’s the final series and am excited about it.

7.   Watching TV and hibernating and no-one saying “why are you miserable?  It’s summer.  Go and flaunt your curves in a bikini.”  Everyone else will be miserable and moaning and whining about the weather.

8.  It won’t be so hot at night which will help my night sweats.  Hopefully.  Cooler temperatures will mean am not sweating all the time.

9.  The trees will look spectacular as the leaves change colour.

10.  Soup, English apples, parsnips.

11.  Mulled wine.  Ah, love mulled wine.

Feel free to add your Autumn favourites to the list…

Attached photo is Jae Jae eating his lunch.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2012.  By G.M. Malliet.  A Max Tudor detective novel.

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