Swimming With The Dead*

Swimming around the azure pool under a cloudless sky, I’m content.  This is one of my best things: swimming in an outdoor pool – the only sounds the thrum of the crickets and the chatter of the chaffinches.  Lizards dart across the outside walls of the house.

As I swim around the pool, I pass a lavender bush bursting with bumblebees.  This is a magical place.  The miniature Shetland ponies in the attached photo live just down the road.  

“So sorry for no replies, lovely,” Seb’s message comes through at 12.09pm today.  “Phone was out of charge and couldn’t locate it.  Hope you’re having a lovely time.  Call you later xxx.”

Phew.  Was concerned as hadn’t heard from him for a couple of days.  Glad he hasn’t forgotten me.  If I don’t hear from him I do get anxious.  

Then at 2.15pm, he sends another one:  “I hope you’re not feeling ill?  I seem to have come down with something.  Hope you’re having a lovely time.”

Luckily am not feeling ill on my holiday.  Hope that don’t come down with whatever-it-is.  And hope that Seb recovers soon, of course.  My darling boyfriend.

Mum arrives in a state of high excitement:  “I’ve just rescued a cow,” she says, a delighted look on her face.

“What happened?” I say.

“Well she was just walking down the road – a beautiful Jersey cow, very fluffy.  And the cars were just zooming past,” Mum says.  “And then we went in to a local farm to see if they’d lost a cow.  Oh it was all so exciting!”

Had better go: need to remove some leaves from the pool.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2003.  By Kathy Brandt.  Thriller.


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