The Holiday Murders*

The parentals seem happy and relaxed, reading their books by the pool.  Is nice to see them smiling.  Being on holiday is good for them.  So, am going to make a list of how-to-make-their-lives-more-like-a-holiday which will implement on our return.

1.  Find more sunshine.  Or, failing that, purchase a couple of those light boxes for use over the autumn and winter.

2.  Install an outdoor pool at the parental home.  Must make sure that the fluffy monster doesn’t fall into it and become trapped under the cover.

3.  Take a variety of cheeses to the parental home and replenish it regularly.  There is bound to be a service for this sort of thing.  Will investigate it.

4.  Persuade them to take Day Trips to unpopular destinations, so Dad can drive along empty roads.  He likes that.  The roads in Abroad are deserted.  This one will be more difficult.  The Day Trips will need to be in the middle of the night.

5.  Make sure that we purchase plenty of Wine on the way home, so that Dad doesn’t have to buy wine at home at higher prices.

6.  Attempt to keep self away from Hospitals so they can enjoy their retirement a bit more, rather than spending hours and days on end at the Breast Care Unit with me.

7.  Plan a visit to Seb at his University, so they can spend time doing Fun Things together.

The attached photo is a sculpture at the restaurant where we went today.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2013.  By Robert Gott.  Historical murder mystery.


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