Natural Causes*

Waking up with a start from my afternoon sleep, I switch my phone on.  7.09pm.  It’s dark outside.  Autumn has arrived.  Argh.

“Well you don’t seem to have done any unpacking,” the panther says, gazing at the two suitcases on the floor, stretching so that he takes up most of my bed.

“I’ve hung my dresses up,” I say, even though I haven’t yet.   

“No you haven’t,” he says.  “Those suitcases are zipped shut and…”

“You do it then,” I say.  “You hang my dresses up and put a wash on if you want to be helpful or…”

“I don’t,” the panther says, pushing his front paws away from him, sticking his bum up in the air, stretching so that he takes up even more space.  “I want you to do these things for yourself.  I’m not doing anything.”

“Tell you what,” I say, sitting up in bed.  “I’ll put a wash on now and hang my dresses up.  Then I’ll do everything else tomorrow.”  I’ve got a headache and it’s so dark outside.  Could be the middle of the night.  I’m not unpacking two suitcases.  I’m making some supper, eating it and going back to bed.  It’s horrible to return from holiday to autumn.  Life is cruel.

“Seb’s not going to be pleased,” the panther says, staring at my tummy. “You’ve put on another stone at least this week.  He’s going to dump you for laziness and obesity and…”

“No I haven’t,” I say.  “No he’s not.  Seb loves me.  Leave me alone.  I have to make supper.”

Attached photo is a beautiful tractor who we met on holiday.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2013.  By James Oswald.  Crime thriller.  Number 1 in the Inspector McLean series.


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