Murder In Time*

“What time do you call this?” Mum says, marching into my bedroom.

“I’m asleep,” I say, from under the covers.  “I’ve come here for a rest, remember.”

“Well it’s six o’clock.  In the evening,” Mum says, opening my curtains.  “You’d better have a bath.  I know you didn’t have one yesterday because…”

“I did,” I say, sitting up in bed.

“I know you didn’t because Suzie called at about six thirty to say she was worried that she couldn’t wake you up,” Mum says.  “I’m going to run you a bath and you’re going to get into it.”

Mum leaves my room and soon I hear the taps running.

“No, you silly boy, don’t do that,” I hear Mum say as I enter the bathroom.  There, on the edge of the bath, is an enormous orange fluffy monster.  He’s watching the water and the bubbles.

“When you were a tiny kitten you used to sit on the edge of the bath and chase my toes.  Do you remember?” I say to him.  He wobbles and jumps down to the safety of the floor.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster in his kittenhood, on the edge of the bath.

“I shall see you bright and early tomorrow,” Seb’s text comes through at 3.33pm, whilst am asleep.  

We’re meant to be meeting a couple of Seb’s friends for lunch tomorrow.  He was going to be staying at my flat with me, so we weren’t rushing in the morning.  As it is: he’s bound to be late at my flat and…anyway, it’s his arrangement.  It’s up to him to sort himself out.  There’s just no point in worrying about it, I tell myself.  Must just concentrate on being cheerful and interested in Seb’s friends so they think am nice girlfriend for him.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1953.  By Elizabeth Ferrars.  Detective novel.

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