Borrowed Light*

Good things:

1.  Seb is here.

2.  We weren’t late to meet his friends for lunch.

3.  They seemed to like me.

4.  Conversation flowed.

5.  Have clean sheets (thank you Mum)!

6.  Have just achieved afternoon sleep.

7.  Maybe Seb has made some supper.

8.  Even if he hasn’t, there are vegetables.

9.  Have him here till tomorrow.

10.  Had excellent, long cuddle with my fluffy monster last night.  There he is in his pink chair in the attached photo, sleeping.

11.  It was sunny today.  Perhaps the good weather will continue.  We had an enjoyable drive to the restaurant in the autumn sunshine.

12.  Seb is on the phone in the living room so can write and post this and then just wander through there, as if have just woken up…

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2011.  By Graham Hurley.  A DI Joe Faraday novel: “four charred bodies.  One killer.  A race against time.”

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