A Nasty Piece Of Work*

Waking up with a start from my afternoon sleep, I realise that it’s 5.19pm. Squeezing myself out from under the panther who’s sprawled across the bed, I sit up. Argh. It’s home-and-self-care-day today, which means:

1. Put away last week’s washing that is still on the airer.
2. Hang up washing in the machine.
3. Have bath.
4. Wash hair.
5. File and paint nails. They’re growing now but aren’t as strong as they used to be. Maybe they need oestrogen.
6. Wash up littlest pan in sink, in preparation for tonight’s artichoke.

Will just have a cup of coffee in bed before tackling these tasks though. Am exhausted after two whole days at the Office and a tough training session at the gym this morning.

1. Muscle pains in arms from training this morning. So that’s good.
2. Headache.
3. Back pain – probably from training.

It’s a beautiful warm, sunny day. Trudged around in it all morning – to gym and supermarket – just wearing shorts, vest top and fit flops. As I sit up in bed, I can see the blue sky and hear the rustle of wind in the leaves. Please let this fine weather continue. Seb will be here at the weekend and it will be great if we can amuse ourselves outside.

Had better get cracking with my tasks.

Attached photo is the park near my Office yesterday.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2013. By Robert Littell. Detective novel.


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