The Pelican Brief*

“What are you going to do today darling?” Mum says as we turn off the motorway towards my flat this morning.

“Go to the gym, have lunch, have a sleep,” I say.  Didn’t sleep well last night and the chest MRI was horrible and my arm hurts where the cannula has just been removed.  Seb will be here at eight o’clock this evening and the sooner I can get back to bed the better.

“It’s going to be a beautiful day,” Mum says.  “I don’t want you spending it in bed.”

“I could go to the Zoo?” I say.

“OK,” Mum says.  “That’s a good idea.  I’ll take you to the station and…”

“I can walk to the station from my flat,” I say.

“I know you can, darling, but I want to make sure you go,” Mum says.

As soon as I arrive, I wander over to the tigers, and Jae Jae comes over to say hello:

  It’s so good to see him.  Nothing seems that bad whilst am looking at him.  The panther hides behind me: he’s scared of tigers, despite all his bravura when we’re alone together.

Spend four hours at the zoo.  See the okapis, otters, lemurs, giraffes, pelicans, flamingos, macaws….almost everyone.  It is a beautiful day to be there.   And then meet a chum for a drink.

On the way back, pop into a shop and buy some bits for supper: houmous, vine leaves, olives, pitta, artichoke hearts, butter beans.  Just have to make a salad and then am Ready for Seb’s arrival.   Haven’t washed and am wearing the secret support vest that was sleeping in last night, plus gym trousers, but can’t have everything.  Think it’s more important that have been out enjoying self all day so will be in a good mood when he arrives.  And will have something to tell him when he asks me what have been doing today.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1992.  By John Grisham.  Legal thriller.

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