Death Of A Glutton*

Seb is washing up and tidying the kitchen. Can hear running water and the sound of cutlery clattering as he puts it away. Have escaped to my bedroom for a few minutes to write this.

We’ve just returned from the cinema – the Michael Fassbender “Macbeth”. Excellent. Bloody, grimy and beautifully shot. Lots of mountains and blasted heaths and so on.
“That’s the best Shakespeare film I’ve ever seen,” Seb says as we leave the cinema. “Just beautiful. I was completely gripped.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, darling,” I say, kissing him.
“And now we’ve got the rugby as well,” he says, his turquoise eyes wide. “I’m so happy.”
Stroking my hair, he pulls me close to him. Resting my face on his chest, closing my eyes, I breathe in his familiar scent.
No doubt he breathes in my scent too as I still haven’t managed a bath, even though I went to Spin this morning.
“Did you enjoy it, my lovely?” He says, as we walk towards the station.
“I did,” I say. “Loved those black horses. And they created a convincing medieval world. And I liked the dogs and…”
“I saw your face light up when we met the dogs,” Seb says, kissing my forehead.
“I just had a couple of small criticisms,” I say. Then I tell him, but I’m not going to tell you. Don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of an excellent production.

Had better start preparing The Omelette. Don’t want to be messing around with it when the rugby gets going.

Attached photo is Daphne the young okapi from the Zoo yesterday.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1993. By M.C. Beaton. Hamish Macbeth mystery novel.


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