The Silence Of The Rain*

Seb has left, taking the sunshine with him. Now the sky is grey, with heavy rain. At the bus stop this morning, all the other girls were wearing tights and boots already.

Am resisting winter clothes for as long as possible. Due to the hot flushes, I break out in sweat often. So, even as the temperature drops, I still need to be wearing vest tops, with cardigans over the top. The heat bursts out of my body, through my skin and I’m drenched in sweat. This happens several times an hour.

Last autumn I wore my summer sleeveless dresses with tights underneath. Will probably start doing that soon.

Can’t wait to get home and cook my artichoke, and continue watching “This Life” which Hannah has lent me. It’s brilliant. And each episode is just 45 minutes, which is great.

The attached Defender was in my road yesterday. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Happy Monday everyone!

*2003. By Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza. An Inspector Espinosa mystery.

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