Cauliflower Heart*

Waking up from my afternoon sleep, sitting up in bed, switching my phone on, I look at the time.  4.59pm.  

Pushing the panther over to the other side of the bed, squeezing out from under his heavy embrace, I make a list in my head of things-that-need-doing:

1.  Washing up that’s in the sink.

2.  Chopping up Romanesco cauliflower.  Am excited about him. He’s so beautiful.

3.  Putting washing away.

4.  Bath.

5.  Getting dressed.

6.  Wiping kitchen surfaces.

7.  Making a tomato sauce.

8.  Making a salad.

Am having a couple of people round for dinner and Mum has given me a nut roast so just need to organise vegetables to accompany it.  It’s all fine.  Had bath and even washed hair yesterday, so if don’t manage one today that’s OK.

Suzie will be here at six o’clock and she will help me with this list.

1.  Sore throat:  have been suffering with this for days.  

“I’ve got a sore throat too,” Mum says.  “It just means you’re getting a cold.”

2.  Shoulders hurt: from training.

3.  Hamstring ache: from putting leg press weights up to 130kg the other day.

4.  Headache.

Must pull self together.  Am Entertaining for first time in ages.  Will just lie here with my panther for a bit longer…

Attached photo is a ring-tailed lemur at the new walk-through exhibit at the zoo.

Happy Thursday everyone!


*2015.  By Diana Hart.  Romantic fiction novel.


2 thoughts on “Cauliflower Heart*

  1. Solidarity, Sister. Yesterday I lifted barbells at the gym instead of my usual free weights. My neck and shoulders were in throbbing pain all last night. The younger me would have rationalized that I just need to go slow each day with the barbells and work my way up to a proper level. The present me says, “The hell with it.” I just won’t do barbells anymore. Easier!

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