Murder At Deviation Junction*

The train chugs out of the city.  It’s busy in the Quiet Carriage and, it must be said, not quiet.  All around me there are sounds: whispering, coughing and spluttering, the rustle of newspapers.  People begin to settle and the sounds fade. 

Have stuffed Little Suitcase to bursting and yet am still wearing a coat, scarf and cardigan.  Taking them off, sweat continues to pour down my face, neck and legs.  Glancing around to make sure am not going to get told off, unzipping my boots, I place them on the floor and sit cross-legged in my seat.  That’s better.  This knee-high-boots-and-gym-trousers combination is very hot, as well as looking not-mentally-normal.  

The train gathers speed.  Despite spending an hour or so making this reservation, have managed to book a seat that faces the wrong way, so am hurtling backwards and can’t see the view.  In a mere five hours or so will be with my Seb.  Am looking forward to seeing him and cuddling him.

It’s a grey day.  Fingers crossed that the weather improves.  Wonder what the lunch options will be.  Breakfast was a flat white and an egg sandwich from the station.

A text message comes through from Mum: “Have a lovely journey.  Try not to fall into the sea.”  A couple of years ago, during severe storms, part of this railway line was washed into the sea.  Remember watching it on the news: broken and dangling in the water.  It was up and running again before too long.

A message comes through from Seb: “See you soon x.”

Am just going to take a moment to congratulate self for making it out of the house at 8.20am and catching my train.  Now that am on the way am enjoying the journey, of course.

The attached photo is a steam train from the Internet.  Not one of my photos am afraid.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2008.  By Andrew Martin.  A Jim Stringer ‘Steam Detective’ mystery set in 1909.

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