The Necropolis Railway*

“Thank you for coming to see me my lovely,” Seb says, pulling me towards him.  Resting my face on his broad chest, closing my eyes, I breathe in his familiar scent.

“Thank you for having me,” I say.

All around us on this little station platform, student couples are saying goodbye to each other.  On our left, a boy with turquoise and violet hair and a girl with long fuchsia hair sit next to each other on a bench.  The girl is crying.  On our right, another couple of teenagers are intertwined.  

“It’s my Reading Week, starting next weekend,” Seb says, stroking my hair.  “So, I’ll come and see you in the middle of the following week and…”

“Great.  Looking forward to it,” I say.  Must not cry, I think.

“It’s not too long, my lovely,” Seb says, pushing my hair out of my eyes.

“I know,” I say.  “On the plus side, it’s a beautiful day for you to do your readings on the seashore.”

“Yes, it is,” Seb says.  “I’m pleased about that.”

The train pulls into the station.  Seb lifts Little Suitcase onto the train, kisses me and then he’s gone.

Taking a seat on the train, I burst into tears.  It’s so hard saying goodbye to him every time.  And we’ve got three more years of this to get through.

“Anyone need to buy a ticket?” The inspector says, walking down the carriage.  “What’s wrong?” She says when she sees me, putting her hand on my arm.

“Oh, um, just saying goodbye to my boyfriend,” I say, blowing my nose. “I’m OK.”

“Alright, dear,” she says, patting my hand.

Am going to see what food options there are on the train.  Will feel better once have had some lunch am sure.

The attached photo is someone who we met at the station.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2002.  By Andrew Martin.  A Jim Stringer ‘Steam Detective’ mystery.


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