The Case Of The Sneezing Accountant*

“Morning x,” Seb’s text comes through at 11.00am this morning.  “Don’t have much reception, or any plug sockets at cottage – so sorry for little contact.  Lovely day here.  Having a very nice time.  How’s your weekend going?xxx”

“Ah happy Sunday!” I say.  “Have just been for walk.  Lovely day here too.  Glad you’re having fun.  Cuddle to everyone xxx.”

Am glad he hasn’t forgotten me. Love that boy so much. 

“He does seem to be drawn to places where he can’t be in contact,” MadFatRunner says, when I read the message to her over the phone.

Am glad am not in a place with no reception or plug sockets.  Wouldn’t be able to post the blog – unless had written a few posts and arranged for them to be released on different days.  Maybe will try that soon.  Although at the moment it’s all can manage to write this once a day.  And wouldn’t be able to talk to the parentals.

Haven’t made it back to the flat.  Am huddled under my furry blanket on the parental sofa, sneezing.  This cold isn’t getting any better.  On the plus side: have human and, even better, feline company.  The fluffy monster is out of the room at present: he’s sleeping on my brother’s bed.

The attached photo is the baby fluffy monster, attacking a shoe.  Look at that little blur of orange.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2014.  By J.A. Menzies.  Detective story.


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