Midnight Mystery*

Am standing at the bus stop at 5.28pm.  The sky is midnight black, as dark as my panther who stands beside me.  It seems impossible that earlier today was walking in bright sunshine.  

Buses-that-aren’t-my-one pull up at the stop, fill up with passengers and then depart.  


1.  Sore throat

2.  Earache

3.  Headache

4.  Sore nose – from sneezing

5.  Cold hands – can’t type on phone whilst wearing gloves.

No word from Seb today.  Hope he made it back to university yesterday.  If only could cuddle up with him now.  Miss him.

Am wearing some jeans that Mum gave me.  They have a tummy control panel for my menopausal tummy.  They’re not the most stylish jeans in the world but at least can do them up.  Unfortunately their dye has turned my pink handbag purple.  Life is cruel.

Can’t wait to get home and eat my artichoke.

Ahhhhh here’s my bus. It pulls up and it’s full. It drives off. Am going to freeze to death. Tears roll down my cheeks.

The attached photo is a sand dog who appeared in the street today.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1930.  Film.

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