Even Dogs In The Wild*

Sitting on my bike at the gym gazing out of the window.  Outside, the sky is grey and leaves blow in the wind.  The ground is covered with brown and yellow leaves.

Missed my training session this morning but am here now: better late than never.  Have left the parentals for twenty four hours to fend for self in The Wild.

Have achieved lunch with a friend today and another friend is coming to stay this evening, so am looking forward to that.  Is good for me to socialise and have been avoiding it.

“She’ll be horrified by how fat you are,” the panther says, turning his head to stare at me.  He’s sitting in front of the window, watching the seagulls and pigeons fly past.  

“She won’t be able to see me,” I say.  “She’s lost her glasses.”

“She won’t need glasses,” the panther says, looking me up and down, his amber eyes wide.  “You’re enormous and…”

“So I’m doing something about it,” I say.  “Anyway: have to see my friends, however I’m feeling and, well, at least some of the extra weight is muscle.”

Am just going to ignore the panther.  Know what I have to do to look after myself and, sooner or later, he’ll leave me alone.  Anyway: have got good arm and leg muscles. The extra tummy fat is due to the zolodex and letrazole, am sure of it.

The attached photo is the most beautiful fluffy monster in the world.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2015.  By Ian Rankin.  Rebus detective novel number 20.  Coming on 5th November.  So there’s something to look forward to…


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