Until Friday Night*

“Aren’t you going to get changed?” Mum says, looking at my purple vest top and black gym trousers.

“No,” I say.  We’re about to set off for the hospital to see my breast surgeon.

“But don’t you want to look nice for Seb?” Mum says.  Seb is coming to the parentals for dinner.

“It’s not that,” I say.  “We’ll probably be at the hospital for ages and they might want to take biopsies or inject me with something.  Just want to be comfortable.  Seb’s seen me in gym clothes before and…”

“You won’t have time to get changed later,” Mum says, looking disappointed.

“I know,” I say.  “I’ll put on the earrings that Seb bought me.”

Am sitting in the hospital waiting room with Mum.  Dad, MadFatRunner and the fluffy monster are relaxing at the parental home.  Hope my surgeon will see us soon.  Haven’t seen her for ages, so am looking forward to it a bit.  Fingers crossed we make it back before Seb arrives so can put on a dress and maybe even some make-up.

The attached photo is a cat who encountered yesterday near the flat.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Abbi Glines. Young adult novel.

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