November Patriots*

Walking to my bus stop in the fog this morning, I compile a list of things-to-look-forward-to in November:

  1.  Autumnwatch starts tonight.
  2. New series of Peep Show starts 11th November.
  3. Have two new A-line skirts, a brown suede-look one and a black one.  Can wear them with tights and boots.
  4. Longer nights mean that the fluffy monster will be inside for more hours per day, leading to longer cuddles.
  5. That tennis tournament at the O2 centre.  Can watch it on television.
  6. Root vegetables.
  7. Will see Seb again soon, I hope.
  8. Mood is scheduled to go up this month sometime, so the panther will disappear for a while.
  9. My Prime Ministers course is getting more exciting…
  10. Maybe this next lot of surgery won’t be too bad.   Will be able to watch some films in hospital anyway.

The attached photo is an ash tree near the flat.

Happy Monday everyone!


*1998.  By Larry Hancock.  Detective novel about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


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