Quick Study*

“So, did you have an exam today, my darling?” I ask Seb when he calls last night.

“No,” he says.  “We were out doing fieldwork and…”

“When do they start?” I say, opening the dishwasher, taking the cups out and putting them in the cupboard.

“I think the Ecology ones start this week,” Seb says.  “Not sure about the others.  I guess I ought to find out or…”

“Yes,” I say.  “Good idea.”  Don’t understand how he hasn’t managed to ascertain when his exams are.  I’m sure he told me that they were as soon as he returned after half term.

“How is it, being back there?” I say, opening a cupboard, lifting the clean plates out of the dishwasher and placing them on a shelf.  Wonder if am even going to see him before my next lot of surgery.  It would be good to know when these exams finish.

“It’s not too bad,” Seb says.  “What are you having for supper?”

“The Omelette,” I say.  “You?”

“Something easy,” he says.  “I’ve got a lot of revision to do this evening.”

“OK darling,” I say, chopping up some tender stem broccoli, putting it in the frying pan.  “Don’t let me keep you from your work and…”

“You’re not, my lovely,” he says.  “Was just having a little snooze.”

“Can’t wait to go to sleep,” I say.

The attached photo is some fallen sycamore leaves in my road this morning.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2008.  By Maggie Barbieri.  Cozy murder mystery featuring English professor Alison Bergeron.

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