Cold Killing*

“Seventeen degrees,” Dad says, looking at the temperature gauge in the car when he picks me up from the station at lunchtime today.  “It’s a warm day.  It’s much colder than that in our house.  And we’ve got a new leak in the roof.”

“Whereabouts is the leak?” I say.

“It’s in a new place,” Dad says.  “I’m getting another roof man in to look at it.  I’m not very pleased with the last one.  He keeps missing things.”

Am huddled under my furry blanket on the sofa.  Mum is sitting next to me reading The Times.

“It’s going to be much colder by the end of next week,” Mum says.

“Do you want to come and stay with me in the flat?” I say.

Mum shakes her head.  “It’s OK, maybe Dad will put the thermostat up to 12.  Anyway – I think I’m used to it now.  I can’t stand how hot it is in other people’s houses.  I always have to wear a t-shirt so I can take my cardigan off and…”

“Me too,” I say.  The temperature in other people’s houses makes me feel ill.  Last night in the flat, I had to sleep with the window open and the fan on and I’m still using my summer duvet.  It’s not all glamour, this induced menopause.  The night sweats are still going strong.


1.  Leg pain – from putting leg press up to 145kg.  So that’s good.

2.  Inner thigh muscle pain – from something in training but not sure what.

3.  Forearm ache – from upper-body-day today.

Had better jump in the bath or will get told off.  It’s been a few days…

The attached photo was two years ago today and is the baby fluffy monster.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2013.  By Luke Delaney.  DI Sean Corrigan Book 1.  “A striking debut by a former Murder Squad Detective.  Delaney is not his real name but there’s no doubt about his inside knowledge and ability to convey it.” – Daily Mail.  


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