Final Exam*

“Sending lots of helpful exam-winning thoughts.  Hope they go really well xxx,” I text Seb at 9.37am today.

“Thanks xxx,” he replies.

He had two exams today at 11am and 1pm.   It’s now 4.26pm.   Surely he is out of there by now…

“Exams are fun.  You just get in there and show them what you know,” Mum always said to us when we were at school.  Used to relish them, due to my photographic memory and ability to learn vast amounts of information and then regurgitate it for page after page in my illegible scrawl.  Was that annoying person putting up their hand for more paper.

Then suddenly I was in my finals at university and my mind was completely blank.  It was then that I realised that something terrible had happened to my brain.   That, coupled with reading Prozac Nation the night before my last exam.  There’s something wrong with me, I remember thinking, and it has a name: depression.  I’d assumed that my mood cycling every month would just stop once I was back home, but it didn’t.

“I think I’m suffering from some sort of depression,” I say to the doctor.  I’m with Mum – I’ve just returned from university aged twenty two.

“Well I think you need to see this person,” the doctor says.  “He’s very good.”

He scrawls a name on a piece of paper: Dr Joshua Stein.  And that’s how it all began: my life as a manic depressive.

Anyway: fingers crossed Seb has aced these exams and no disaster of any kind has befallen him.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster, two years ago today.

Happy Monday everyone!


*2009.  By Maggie Barbieri.   Book 4 in the ‘Murder 101’ mystery series.


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