Death In The City Of Light*

“Where are you?xxx” Seb texts at 7.01pm this evening.

“Parentals.  In the middle of supper.  Call you when am finished,” I fire back.

This gives me thirty seven minutes to write a blog, as have finished supper and it’s now 7.23pm.  Will call him at eight o’clock.  The parentals have gone out, leaving the fluffy monster in loco parentis.  He is doing his best Dad impression: curled up, sleeping, on the piano stool. 

Lifted some very heavy weights at the gym today, so that in the event of a terrorist attack will be able to sling an elderly parent under each arm and run.  Will wear the fluffy monster around my neck, in the manner of a Bulgarian bag.

Had a little cry on the train on the way back here with the panther.  Was wishing that was with my Seb in a sleepy seaside town.  Am missing that boy.  If I know him, he’ll be anxious about possible-terrorist-atrocities-here.  Had better call him and give him a telephonic cuddle.  As soon as heard the news this morning, wanted to be with him and for us to face any horrors together.

The attached artwork is by Jean Jullien.  It’s called Peace For Paris and is a symbol of unity.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2011.  By David King.  “The gripping true story of a brutal serial killer who unleashed his own reign of terror in Nazi-occupied Paris.”

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