Murder On The Astral Plane*

Waking up with a start from my afternoon sleep, looking at my watch, I see that it’s 6.32pm.  Opening the curtains, I realise that it’s dark outside.

“I’m hungry,” the panther says, kneading my tummy with his paws.

“You know where the kitchen is,” I tell him.  “I’m not eating yet.  Have to write the blog and…”

“Don’t forget to tell them that you need to lose twenty pounds,” the panther says, gazing at my tummy.

“Think they know that by now,” I say.  “Let’s see if there’s any tennis on.”

We drag ourselves through to the living room.  Could’ve sworn that I brought the TV guide back to the flat from the parentals, but now can’t find it.  Have a nasty feeling that put it in the recycling bag by mistake and gave that bag to Dad.  So have chucked it out before even looking at it.

Turning on the television, it looks as if we’ve missed the tennis.

“If you make a stir fry, I can probably manage some of that,” I say to the panther.  He’s reclining on the sofa, his tail hanging down to the floor.  Resting his head on his paws, he closes his eyes.

It’s 7.24pm.  Had better make this stir fry myself.  Then can watch the episode of Peep Show that recorded last week and that somehow haven’t yet had time to view.

And after supper will call my Seb.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster helping Mum to read the paper this morning.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1999.  By Jaqueline Girdner.  Book 10 in the Kate Jasper mystery series.


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