Polly Put The Kettle On*

Some good things:

1.  Met the Keeshond in the attached photo today.  He’s adorable.

2.  Have trial walk with him on Wednesday or Thursday.

3.  It’s the Davis Cup final next weekend.

4.  Whilst the heating has broken at the parentals, am at the flat where it is warm.

5.  Enjoyed some cuddles with the fluffy monster at the weekend.

6.  My daffodils that Mum gave me are still alive.

7.  Am going to have an early night and be On Time at the office tomorrow.

8.  The flat is clean and tidy, as have been away from it since Friday.

9.  It was sunny today and yesterday.

10.  Seb is coming to see me at the weekend.

11.  Had a bath yesterday so there’s no need to go mental and have another one tonight.

12.  Am enjoying my Churchill book.

13.  Have a film recorded that am excited to watch: Lore.

14.  Am enjoying my gin and bitter lemon.

15.  Went out for a romantic lunch on own and it was lovely: shakshuka at a local restaurant.

16.  Am enjoying this programme about Queen on the radio.

17.  Watched the 1982 Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith Evil Under The Sun last night with my fluffy monster.  It was brilliant.

18.  The smell of cumin seeds wafts through my flat, from the whole grain rice.  It’s one of my favourite smells.

19.  Supper also includes: quorn mince, broccoli, cheddar, spinach, chopped tomatoes and avocado.  It’s lovely.

20.  They are discussing I Want To Ride My Bicycle on the Queen programme and that’s one of my best songs.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1952.  By Joan Fleming.  Locked room detective novel, contains Keeshonds.


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