Someone Else’s Skin*

“Your skin looks terrible,” the panther says.  He’s draped over my desk at the office.

“It will heal, eventually,” I tell him.

“Seb will be appalled when he sees you,” the panther says, fixing me with his amber stare.  “You must have put on another half a stone since you last saw him, you’ve got spots, you…”

“Stop it,” I say.  “I’ve got Important Work to do.  Go outside and chase some pigeons or…”

“It’s too cold,” the panther says, strolling over to the radiator, climbing on top of it, stretching along it with his tail hanging down.  “It’s below freezing out there.  Why can’t we move somewhere with a better climate?”

“You can,” I say, sipping my coffee.  “Just go.  Set off tonight.  You’re meant to have departed by now, to wherever it is you go and…”

“I can’t miss the look on Seb’s face when he sees how awful you look,” the panther says.

“I’m not listening to this,” I say, but I know he’s right.  Have to lose about twenty pounds by the weekend, and must not touch my face until it’s healed.    Not sure quite why my skin looks so bad: it could be the effects of winter or lack of oestrogen or who knows what else.

On the plus side, it’s London Spy tonight so can watch that.

You can see my daffodils in the attached photo.

Happy Monday everyone!



*2014.  By Sarah Hilary.  DI Marnie Rome crime fiction series Book 1.


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