The Cold Nowhere*

“So, did you get your project in on time?” I ask Seb when he calls last night.

“Yes,” he says.  “It’s not my best work though.  And I didn’t realise till an hour before that we were going to have to do a presentation as well and…”

“You’re good at those,” I say, chopping a cucumber and putting it in the salad bowl.  “All that acting training.”

“Yes, the presentation was fine,” Seb says. 

“Well that’s great that you’ve got that project out of the way,” I say.  “What are you having for supper?”

“Fish and chips,” Seb says. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“I wish you were here, my darling,” I say, chopping up half an avocado and scooping it into the salad.

“Well, hopefully I will visit you at the weekend,” Seb says.  “If I can get enough work done by then.”

“I hope so,” I say, squeezing a piece of lemon onto the avocado.  “Anyway: it’s London Spy later so am looking forward to watching that and…”

“Me too,” Seb says, sounding happy.  “Will watch it in my room and think of you watching it in the nest, my lovely.”

The rose in the attached photo lives near the office.

Am missing my Seb, but at least have a warm flat to return home to. The parentals are without heating or hot water, which is dangerous for the elderly.  Let’s hope it will be fixed soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2013.  By Brian Freeman.  Detective novel.


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