Mr Churchill’s Secretary**

“As I sat in my place, listening to the speeches, a very strong sense of calm came over me, after the intense passions and excitements of the last few days.  I felt a serenity of mind and was conscious of a kind of uplifted detachment from human and personal affairs.  The glory of Old England, peace-loving and ill-prepared as she was, but instant and fearless at the call of honour, thrilled my being and seemed to lift our fate to those spheres far removed from earthly facts and physical sensation.”*

This is Churchill’s recollection of a day at the start of the war in early September 1939, just before he’s appointed a member of the War Cabinet and First Lord of the Admiralty.

 Am reading in bed.  The dishwasher needs unloading, the washing machine has almost finished its cycle.  But I’m enjoying this wonderful book and it’s more important to savour it.  The household tasks can wait.  Whilst I’m reading this book, I’m happy.  All my worries recede as Churchill takes control of the Navy and gets on top of the situation.

The attached photo is a baby Keeshond, to make the day fluffier.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*p364 The Second World War: Volume 1 – The Gathering Storm.  By Winston Churchill.

**2012.  By Susan Elia MacNeal.  A Maggie Hope mystery.


2 thoughts on “Mr Churchill’s Secretary**

  1. Synchronicity! I am currently reading “No Ordinary Time” by Doris Kearns Goodwin, about the relationship between Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. The chapter I’ve just finished is when the president and prime minister meet for the first time aboard their respective naval vessels.

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