Shallow Grave*

“You can tell by his game that he’s worried: just the way he’s hitting the ball, the errors he’s making,” the commentator says.  David Goffin, the world number 16, is a set and a break down to Kyle Edmund, the British twenty year old ranked 100 in the world.

“He should be strutting around there looking as if there’s no way he can lose.  At the moment he’s looking as if there’s no way he can win,” the commentator says, as Goffin drops his serve again to go 1 – 5 in the second set.

“He’s playing like a man possessed,” Mum says two games later, as Kyle causes David to serve a double fault on set point.  Kyle is now two sets up.  The Sirling University lot go wild: blowing their horns and whistles, banging their drums.

“I hope this doesn’t mean that Andy’s going to lose,” Mum says.

“Of course it doesn’t,” I say.  “It can’t possibly mean that.”  Andy’s first singles match is on after this one.

A huge disembodied head of David Goffin floats in the crowd.  

“Do you think they sell the seats behind that as restricted view?” The commentator says.

Goffin breaks Kyle’s serve and holds his own to go 3 – 1 up in the third. 

A ball is called out by the crowd which leads to the point being replayed, giving Goffin two more breakpoints.  Suddenly Goffin is 4 – 1 up in the third set.

“In any match there are going to be ebbs and flows,” the commentator says.

Kyle breaks to pull it to 2 – 4.

“Is the asparagus cooked?” Dad says, apropos of nothing.

“Well, I’m cooking it,” Mum says.

30 all on Kyle’s serve.  The camera pans to some Belgian women wearing red shiny dresses with black spots.  Maybe they are ladybirds.

“Another game against the serve,” the commentator says.

Kyle goes on to lose this set, and two more.  Brilliant first two sets from him though.

No doubt you’re desperate to know how Seb’s flooded bedroom is recovering.

“Dad says to take up the carpet to let the floor dry xxx,” I text Seb at 2.48pm.  Dad has many years of experience of flooding, wet carpets, rotten windowsills and so on, from living in this leaking house.

“He’s right,” Seb replies.  “But the carpet is quite well fastened down.  I think I’ll cause quite a lot of disturbance, which I won’t be able to hide, if I do.”

Don’t want people to think he’s burying a body under his carpet, after all.

“Your fan seems to be doing a good job though,” Seb says.  “I think if the carpet is dry, it will keep drawing up any moisture that might be below.”

Clever me to remind him that we bought a huge fan in the summer, and that if he switches it on, it can help dry the carpet.

“I completely forgot about that fan, you’re so clever my lovely,” he says when we speak earlier.  

Let’s hope that the carpet has dried out enough by tomorrow for Seb to visit me.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster watching Kyle Edmund earlier.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1994.  Directed by Danny Boyle. Crime thriller film starring Ewan McGregor, Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston.  “Three friends discover their new flat mate dead but loaded with cash.”


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