Killer Instinct*

“Have set off,” Seb’s message comes through at 11.13am, “but will be after lunch arrival.  A while after.  Sorry xxx.”

“That’s OK my love,” I reply, on my return from a bike ride with Dad.  “The doubles starts at 2pm.  I go back to flat to prepare for it.”

Andy and Jamie Murray must win this match against Belgium’s David Goffin and Steve Darcy.  So far it’s going with serve in the first set: 4 – 4 after twenty seven minutes.

But now Andy is a break point down on his serve.  He saves it: deuce.  Come on Murray brothers.  There is an unbearable intensity.  

“An absolute demonstration this is from Andy Murray.  The half volley was so aware,” one commentator says.

“A hold from love thirty down.  He really is brilliant at this game,” the other commentator says.

Goffin serving to stay in the set at 4 – 5 down.  30 all.

“Big point right now,” the commentator says.  Jamie hits it into the net.  

It’s difficult to write about doubles as there’s so much going on, with four players.  Now it’s deuce.  Darcy misses the line.  Advantage Great Britain.  Set point.  Both the Murrays at the net.  They get it past the Belgians.  First set Great Britain!

“The Barmy Army, even though most of you find their horns and wigs and so on irritating, are very helpful and great fun,” the commentator says.  They are the British fans with red, white and blue wigs and tubas, drums and so on.

Andy holds in the first game of the second set.  The Murrays have the confident stride of a team in the ascendant, as they bounce about the court.

“Grandparents delighted,” the commentator says, as we see the Murray grandparentals, Grandma wearing a Union Jack headscarf.

All four players at the net.  It’s so exciting.  1 – 1 and…I have to have a sleep now or won’t achieve one before Seb arrives.  Will record the next two hours and we can watch it together later.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster yesterday.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1997.  By Martina Navratilova.  Tennis crime novel.


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