Murder On The Orient Express*

“Guess what we have at school today?” Suzie’s message comes through at 10.33am.  “A real live reindeer :).  Do you want to come say hello?  You free at 1pm?  Can get you in for a cuddle.”

Ahhhhh love reindeer.  Used to look after them at the zoo.  They’re the only animal with a completely furry nose with no wet bits.  That’s so lovely of my chum to think of me.  Tragically: have a lunch plan with my aunty and can’t go.  Life is cruel.  Maybe will visit my reindeer at the zoo this weekend.

Am making a list of things that want to do to look forward to after operation:
1.  Travel on the Orient Express: was watching a programme about it last night The World’s Most Favourite Train.  The train looks exactly the same now as in the films of Murder On The Orient Express: in fact the current train played itself in the recent David Suchet version.

2.  Visit Venice.  Have never been.  Mum refuses to take me as she says “You need to go with your husband.”  Haven’t got a husband and unlikely to get one before my untimely death.  Can travel to Venice on the Orient Express, although suspect won’t be able to use my Disabled railcard on this train.

3.  Visit the Brando hotel in his Tahitian atoll with Seb.  Although Seb says “I’m not interested in expensive hotels”.  And it is one.

4.  Take flying lessons so can fly a Spitfire.

5.  Go on a riding holiday in Andalucia: was meant to do this with Lily years ago but it never happened.

6.  Visit the Ospreys at Loch Garten.

7.  Go to a tiger reserve in India.

8.  See wild Jaguars in the Pantenal.

9.  And wild echidnas in the Australian desert.

10.  Go whale watching somewhere.

Attached photo is new dress that wore today for the first time.

Anyway: have to make some supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1934.  By Agatha Christie.  Hercule Poirot detective novel set in the famous train.


10 thoughts on “Murder On The Orient Express*

  1. I’ve been to Venice on the Orient Express (from Rome via Florence), it was wonderful. You should do it. Although washing before dinner in a tiny sink on a moving train was an experience 🙂 I did number 10 in the Azores too. Also highly recommended. Get booking!

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