Sleeping Murder*

“Everything is ready,” MadFatRunner says.  She’s making a new dish for us: warm quinoa salad with halloumi and roasted red peppers.  “We need an easy thing to cook that isn’t the Omelette,” she says, 

“Do you want me to do anything?” I say, as I rest in the nest, eating pickled cucumbers and drinking gin and Diet 7up.  There wasn’t any Sprite Zero in the shop.  Hopefully she’ll say that there’s nothing to do.

“You just rest and write the blog,” she says, peeling the red onion.  Can hear the crunch of the skin breaking.

Supper is amazing. Anyway: have to eat it.  

The attached photo is my purple dragon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1976. By Agatha Christie. Marple novel.


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