Design For Living*

1.  Seb is here.

2.  Walked the Keeshond yesterday with MadFatRunner.  Had fun.  Got a bit lost and were out for 3 hours.

3.  He is in attached photo.

4.  Lit the Chanukah candles and fed MadFatRunner latkes.

5. Pizza is coming.

6.  So is sleep eventually.

7.  Mood has gone up a bit so am resting at home.

8.  Will be back at Office soon.

9.  Love my Seb.

10.  And my new baby cousin and his socks:

11.  Enjoying The Mayfair Set.

12.  And Life On Mars again.

13.  And will watch more Mad Men soon.

15.  Made quinoa, cauliflower and kale salad with dhaal and chopped tomatoes for lunch.  Was nice.

16.  Is good to be adding new recipes to my repertoire.

17.  Seb gave me a beautiful dressing gown.  Look like am on a Noel Coward play.

18.  He loves his gloves.

19.  Walking my fluffy canine chum on Wednesday.

20.  Happy Monday everyone! 
*1932.  By Noel Coward.  Play.


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