Waterloo Sunset*

“But you said you’d take me to the garden centre,” I say, sitting next to Mum on the sofa.  Need to get out of the house and do something.  Can’t just sit here.

“We can go at two o’clock,” Mum says, looking at the crossword, pen poised above the paper.

“That won’t give us long enough though,” I say.  “We’ve got to be at hospital at three o’clock and…”

“It will give us half an hour,” Mum says.  “We’re not buying anything or…”

“You’ve never spend half an hour there,” I say.  “Or left without buying anything or…”

“Stop being annoying,” Mum says.

“At least I’m annoying you and not my sweet boyfriend,” I say.  

Mum laughs.  “That’s true.  He really needs to talk to his family and sort out what he’s going to do and…”

“Yes, I know,” I say.  “But I can’t tell him what to do.”

My phone buzzes.  “Hi Tanya,” the message says.  It’s from Seb’s Mum.  “Thank you so much for my card and lovely Elephant.  He’s hanging in pride of place on the Christmas tree.  Just have to hope the monster boys don’t stop him: they are rather fond of Ellies…xxxx.”

Four kisses!   “Ahhhhh am so glad you like him,” I reply.

Had better get going: it’s Spin Drinks soon and need to cook and eat supper and squeeze into a party dress within the hour.

The attached photo is tonight’s sunset.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2008.  By Martin Edwards.  Harry Devlin detective novel.


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