Before Sunrise*

“Why am I not allowed to sleep?” MadFatRunner texts at 2.37am.  See the message when wake up and switch on phone at 4.07.

“Nor me.  Just woke up,” I message back.  Am anxious about the operation which is Tomorrow now.  Argh.

No answering message from her, so let’s hope she’s sleeping now.

Am writing this in the other bedroom so that don’t disturb Seb, who is sleeping, log-like, in my bed.

The birds think that it’s morning.  Can hear them chatting away to each other…

Waking up with a jolt, glancing at my phone: it’s 7.55am.  Dragging myself back to my room, switching the fan off, I collapse into bed.

“My lovely,” Seb murmurs.  “Did I do something to upset you?”

“Not at all,” I say, putting my arms round him, resting my head on his chest.  “I woke up at four o’clock, really wide awake.  Went into the other room to write the blog without disturbing you and fell back asleep and…”

“Oh good,” Seb says, sounding relieved.  “Thought perhaps I’d stolen all the covers or…”

“No, I just knew I needed to sleep,” I say.

“You going to the office today?” Seb says, stroking my hair.

“Training at 10.30, then taking presents in to the office, then we’ve got cinema at 4.50pm.  It’s a busy day,” I say.  

We’re having lunch at a local restaurant.  Am starving as usual.  Shakshuka is on its way.

The attached photo is Mr Fluffypants yesterday.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1995.  Richard Linklater film.


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