The Night Before*

My nails look very sad without any varnish.  Have removed it so they can see whether or not am dead in the operation – nails will go blue if am dead I think.  

Am just doing a quick blog now, in case don’t have time to bash one out before the operation tomorrow. Setting off at 6.30am for hospital.  There will be plenty of hanging around, but they will want to do blood pressure checks and so on.  And then Mum will take my phone home with her as will be unconscious for about eight hours in theatre.

Have packed:

1.  Pyjama trousers – three pairs.

2. Secret support vest tops – five or so.

3.  Slippers.

4.  Dressing gown from my Seb.  Is pale pink and peach so the blood will show up nicely.
5.  Many pairs of knickers – haven’t put them in yet.

6.  Phone charger – for when am allowed my phone tomorrow evening.

7.  Tabasco – must bring own little one.  They are bound not to have it and will need it on my Omelettes.

8.  Toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste.

9.  5 furry animals.

10.  Colouring book and pencils from my aunty.

Looking forward to the facilities in hospital: am at the parentals and the sink is blocked.

We are watching The Hunt.  There are some lions, hunting.  And David Attenborough.  Ooooohhhhhh who is this tufty-eared predator – it’s a caracal.

The attached photo is some reindeer at the garden centre.

Happy Monday evening everyone!
*2015.  Film.  Directed by Jonathan Levine.  Starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.


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