Luckiest Girl Alive*

Survived the operation.  Will write more tomorrow.





The nipple has gone as that’s where ductal carcinoma originates I think.

Am pleased with the way my chest looks I think, although:

1. 3 drains in.

2.  Pain: so much.

3. Catheter.

4.  No fluffy monster here.

5.  No Mr Fluffypants.

6.   Headache.

7.   It seems mad that people would elect to have this sort of surgery though… so much pain and discomfort.

Catheters are amazing though:  One minute need wee and then suddenly don’t anymore…

Dad is here.  Soon supper will be and Mum.  And more painkillers.

Attached photo is some lips.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015.  By Jessica Knoll. Thriller.


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