The Longest Day*

“Would you like some breakfast?” Mum asks the fluffy monster.  Am not allowed any breakfast as will be Operation soon.  It’s 6.15am.  Have been awake since 5am.  Feeling sick but am forcing down some water and am allowed to take my morning Meds.

The fluffy monster is saying that he wants to go outside in the dark.  “Meow” he says.  It’s cold here as well as dark.

“Am just going to wear my fluffy dressing gown, pyjama trousers and slippers to go to hospital,” I say to Mum.

“You can’t go out in slippers,” Mum says.

Am in my dressing gown etc now.  Will have to put the Hospital Pants on for the operation.

And we’re off – in the dark.  Have a scarf and gloves on over my dressing gown.

Attached photo is Serena’s Sports Illustrated cover.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1962.  War film.


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