The Fugitive*

New Year’s Resolutions

1.  Be kinder to elderly parentals.  Particularly to Dad.  He puts up with So Much.

2.  Do this at least once per day.  But not more than three times per hour.  Mustn’t exhaust self.

3.  Drink less water.  All it does is turn into wee anyway.

4.  Work towards own Keeshond puppy (how?  Maybe start with acquiring barge)…

5.  Attempt regular dinner with chums on, say, the first Thursday of every month.  Same time, same place.  Anyone who is around can pop in or something.  Mum has a similar arrangement with her ex-colleagues.  It was such fun on Saturday and need to do it more often.

6.  Lose a stone.  Or even half a stone.  Or even five pounds.  In fact whilst am in hospital may see if can get some liposuction…

7.  Go on holiday with Seb, even just for a weekend.  Or for one night.

8.  Try not to rack up more than five or six hospital visits per week.

9.  Teach the fluffy monster how to use the phone.  He’s two years old now: he’s not a baby.  There’s no excuse: he has a perfectly loud voice when he has something to complain about…

10.  Learn a new language to add to French, Dutch, Italian, Hebrew, Latin, that one in Watership Down etc.

11.  Get HGV licence.

12.  Be more compassionate towards nurses.  

13.  Learn to shoot a gun.  Am sure that’s fine with my mental disorder.

14.  Economise.

15.  Improve sewing skills.  If can customise clothes can stop buying new ones all the time.

16.  Get back in the saddle once arms and chest are working.

17.  The saddle on a horse that is.

18.  Get some non-black cycling gear.

19.  Learn Krav Maga.

20.  Watch Breaking Bad.  Mum has just bought me the first three series.

21.  Visit MadFatRunner.


The attached photo is my new pussycat who arrived at the hospital today.  He’s called Harrison.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1993.   Feature film. Thriller.  Directed by Andrew Davis.  Starring  Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones.


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