Breaking Bad*


1.  Itching all over chest, due to becoming allergic to one dressing after another.

Ripped off this plastic one late on Friday night:

Nurse came to help me cover the steristrips with micropore:

Last night, became allergic to the micropore too.  A nurse helped me remove some of it, and replace it with Elastoplast.  Not, however, around the drain site, which is in the middle of the above photo.  Can’t touch that area due to infection risk.

So, now, have a special bra to wear:

At the bottom of the cups have placed some sanitary pads, to protect inflamed, delicate skin from chafing.  Also there is Sudocrem cream all over my chest to calm the itching.

2.  Pain at drain site.

3.  Soreness in both arms.

Current Drug Regime:
1.  Morphine – for pain.

2.  Codeine – for pain.

3.  Tramadol – for pain.
4.  Clonazepam – for anxiety.

5.  Zopiclone – for sleep.

6.  30mg duloxetine – antidepressant – reduced from 60mg per day in attempt to bring mood down a bit.

7.  600mg carbamazepine – mood stabiliser.

8.  Sodium docusate – anti-constipation pill.

9.  Letrazole – aromatase inhibitor – anti-cancer drug.

10.  Breaking Bad series one.  Am hooked.

12.  Love – my Seb just called.

13.  Lemon squash and fizzy water – am very dehydrated from the surgery I think.

14.  Ibuprofen – for headache.

15.  Antibiotic – injection into tummy.

16.  Hundreds of pairs of pants as keep doing little bits of wee in them, post-catheter-removal.

Had better sort out self, room etc before Suzie arrives.

The attached flowers are from my Seb.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2008.  TV series.

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