Tequila Mockingbird*

Happy Boxing Day!  That’s my outfit yesterday.    Today wore these for Two Hour Boxing Day Spin:

1.  Look at the attached photo: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a literary twist.  

2.  A present from my cousin yesterday.  Cocktails include:

  • Romeo and Julep
  • Huckleberry Sin
  • Rye and Prejudice
  • Love in the Time of Kahlua
  • Absinthe Shrugged
  • The Count of Monte Cristal
  • One Flew Over The Cosmo’s Nest
  • Gin Eyre
  • The Malted Falcon
  • A Rum of One’s Own
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • Ethan Pom
  • Cherry Poppins
  • Frangelico and Zooey
  • The Postman Always Brings Ice
  • Remembrance of Things Pabst
  • Bridget Jones’s Daiquiri
  • The S(ide)carlet Letter
  • The Yellow Wallbanger
  • The Cooler Purple

Amongst others.

“Can’t wait to make my cocktails at our New Year’s Eve party that is just the two of us,” I say to Seb when we speak this evening.

“I’ll get a cocktail shaker,” Seb says.

“Can’t wait to see you my darling,” I say.  “How was today?”

“Well there’s been a lot of food but it’s been fun with my siblings,” Seb says.  “Need to get on with some work tomorrow, so mustn’t drink at lunchtime or…”

“I won’t call,” I say.  “Good boy to do your work and…”

“Well we will talk tomorrow too,” Seb says.

Love my boy.  Am very lucky.

3.  Here’s Mum’s microwave Christmas pudding:

4.  It was OK if you like that sort of thing.  The Firestarter Display was its best thing.

5.  This was more nice:

6.  Fantastic supper today of scrambled egg, chicory, salad, Mexican cheddar and mustard.  My best food really.

7.  My fluffy:

Thank G-d he is well and happy.  A year ago today he was in hospital with an infection and we thought he was going to die, aged just one.  Now, at two, he’s in fine, fluffy form.  We are blessed to have his company.

7.  This person again:

Had quality cuddles with him today.

8.  Lily cooked an excellent Celebration Roast: fake turkey slices, vegetarian sausages, yesterday’s vegetables – mulled red cabbage, parsnip mash, roast potatoes.

9.  And my sprouts.

10. Paddled in that beagle person’s pool.  There is a huge and fearsome predator in there so one has to be careful:

11.  New Agatha Christie And Then There Were None in a minute.

12.  Have shower adaptation at long last so can watch hair in sink.

Happy Boxing Day Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Tim Federle.  Cocktail book.


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