The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding

A year ago today:

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

Waking up, I look at my watch. Six o’clock. Of course, now that’s it’s upon us, I really can’t be bothered to have a bath, get dressed and go to a party. It’s dark outside. The fluffy monster snoozes in his pink chair: apricot paws dangling over the edge. Lily is expecting me, I think. Must get out and meet people and so on.
“You never know who you’re going to meet,” Mum says, as if, say, Rafa Nadal is likely to be at this particular pub on a Monday night. Fingers crossed that he is!
“What time are you two getting there tonight?” The message from Suzie flashes across my screen.
“8.30 I think?” I reply. Good: Suzie will be there too. Must concentrate most of my attentions on talking to new people, but will be with my chums. Nothing bad is going to happen.
Hopefully no-one will ask…

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