New Year Resolutions

1.  Sleep more.

2. Go to bed earlier.

3.  See friends more often/ regularly.

4.  Be kind to Mum.

5.  Be even kinder to Dad.

6.  Spend time with Mr Fluffypants.

7.  Be gentle, understanding and adoring to Seb.  And not to talk too much at him.

“How about: don’t talk to him too much before eight o’clock in the morning,” Seb says, wandering in, bleary-eyed.

Must remember that he’s not a Morning Person.

8.  Learn another new language since am gifted in that area.  Maybe something really difficult this time: Mandarin, Russian or Greek.

9.  Or work on Latin – was good at that.


10.  Finish that Churchill book series The Second World War.  Was loving it and then mood went up and stopped being able to read.  Having achieved reading a whole book – well, re-reading Jilly Cooper’s The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous – can now read.  Am going to try the new Edward St Aubyn Lost In Words.  

11.  Enjoy new course: “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” about famous people who didn’t quite get the top job: Rab Butler, Lord Curzon and so on.

12.  Wash self at least twice per week.

13.  Put on make-up.  Bought a huge Urban Decay eyeshadow palette as they’re one of the few companies who don’t test on animals.  Most of the others outsource their testing to China, whilst pretending to customers that they don’t do this, as animal testing for cosmetics banned in Europe.  Show you:


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