Silence Of The Heart

A year ago today!

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

“It’s tragic, what happened to Gazza,” I say. “All that talent and he ends up like…”
“Well, he made some bad choices,” HorseBoy says, spearing a green olive with a toothpick. We’re at the restaurant underneath the train tracks. He’s made it here – all the way from Japan and then Surrey. Wasn’t sure he’d find his way here, and yet here he is.
“Did he? I can’t even remember,” I say. “He was so amazing when I was little, in Italia 90 when…”
“When he got sent off,” HorseBoy says. He’s nice-looking in the flesh: big green eyes, lots of blond hair, lovely and tall.
“I read his book,” I say. “Paul Gascoigne: My Life In Pictures. And that first one he did with Hunter Davies, which was brilliant – obviously. And he says that from when he was very young he suffered from terrible anxiety, and fear of…

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