Gin and Daggers*

This year am participating in Ginuary: a different gin-based drink for each day in January.  Am not a detox fan and it’s the opposite of a detox.  It’s also a fun, creative project and a friend does it too.  Read about it here:

Started with a French 75 on New Year’s Eve: gin, champagne and sugar syrup.  My favourite.

Looking at Dad’s 1972 cocktail book for inspiration as have left Tequila Mockingbird:

Have found today’s one, I think:

Fallen Angel


Creme de Menthe

Lemon juice

Cracked ice 

Angostura bitters
Need to source the bitters or do without them but have everything else.

Love gin!
In less good news:

Am under parental house arrest till further notice.

“You’re not yourself,” Dr Josh says.

“I feel completely mentally normal,” I say.

He and Mum laugh.

“You sound quite logical,” Dr Josh says.  “However your speech is pressured and…”

“My thoughts aren’t racing,” I say.  “Don’t really have any thoughts.”

“Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with the parental strictures until your mood has gone down a bit,” Dr Josh says, scribbling something in my notes. “I’ve known you for a long time, Tanya, and I think I can say with some authority that your mood is elevated and, with the physical limitations on you managing alone at the moment – in the kitchen and so on…”

“My arm isn’t as bad as last time,” I say.  “Look.”

Rotating my shoulder I raise my arm, pointing my hand to the ceiling.

“Marvellous,” Dr Josh says.

Achieve Spin after Dr Josh, look:

Just off to lunch in a restaurant with Suzie.  Yay!

The attached orange person is my fluffy monster, with a few of Mum’s orchids.

Happy Saturday everyone.
*1989.  By Jessica Fletcher.  Book 1 in the Murder, She Wrote detective series.


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