New Year’s Evil*

1.  Have started a new blog:

It’s not going to be anonymous and will be about bipolar, cycling and breast cancer.  Am excited about it.

2.  Have been clearing out wardrobe: some clothes and shoes and handbags are going to the Blue Cross to raise money for the pets.

3.  Have a new pair of navy shoes – to match all my navy dresses – new silver handbag and furry slippers.  And new wolf calendar.

4.  Today achieved a gin and slimline tonic for,  

5.  Found Tequila Mockingbird.  Haven’t left it at the flat after all.  So can make cocktails from the book now.

6.  Dave came round for lunch so that was nice.

We made Fallen Angels (see yesterday’s blog):

7.  It’s been raining alllllll day so have enjoyed more orange cuddles than usual.

8.  Mad Men seasons 5 and 6 have arrived.  Can’t wait to get stuck in to them.

9.  Mum is making minestrone soup for supper – my favourite.

10.  Have washed self.

11.  And hair.

12.  New War and Peace starts at 9pm tonight, starring James Norton who adore.  Like Seb, he wanted to be a Buddhist monk…

13.  Really love my new spin studio.  Have joined it for a month now.

14.  Now that have two blogs, have to become more efficient.  Or must work twice as hard.  Either way, is good.

15.  Mr Fluffypants hasn’t forgotten me!  His owners want me to look after him this week or next week.  Have missed him.  Can’t wait to cuddle him all over.

16.  It’s nearly supper time.

17.  Am eagerly anticipating bedtime: missed my afternoon sleep as was too excited about new blog.

18.  Have been using my new eyeshadow palette and love it.  Am determined to Make An Effort with appearance.

19.  Am writing this from the comfort of the parental bed.

20.  Am going to look for that fluffy monster and cuddle him again.

21.  Am excited about spin tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1991.  By Carolyn Keene.  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mystery novel.


19 thoughts on “New Year’s Evil*

  1. Good luck with the new blog and with all you do in the new year. I am also looking forward to War and Peace this evening. I just hope it has audio description enabled as, being blind there is nothing more frustrating than long pauses with no indication as to what is happening! I did read the book several years ago and have forgotten quite a bit. However I am sure it will come back to me once I start watching. Kevin

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