Lost For Words*

Ridiculously tired after a full day of spin, shopping, walk, writing the other blog and bath.  Mind has gone blank.  

This evening, still need to:

1.  Make gin cocktail for Ginuary:  www.ginuary.com, http://www.ginuary.org.  Have some freshly-squeezed apple juice so will use that.

2.  Reapply dressings which have come off scars.  Tried to photograph them but it’s bad lighting in here.  They look horrible 😦

3.  Make stir-fry with the wild garlic tofu.  Managed to ruin The Omelette yesterday, which doesn’t bode well for Return To Flat.  Will try again to cook, this time a stir fry.

4.  Message Suzie to see if she can stay at the flat with me one night this week – probably Thursday.  Need to water my house plants there.

5.  Send positive vibes to Seb for his most difficult exam tomorrow: invertebrate zoology.  It’s at 12pm.  Not 12am.  Let’s hope he remembers this.  

“How was it?” I say when he calls at 4pm today.

“Not too bad,” Seb says.

“Would you like to tell me about it?” I say.

“It was fine.  I did my best.  I’m sure I passed,” He says.

“Good,” I say.  “I thought of you at twelve and again at two and…”

“It was multiple choice,” he says.  “Which is easy and…”

“Only if you know the answer,” I say.  “If you’re not sure, and two options are similar, it causes agonies of indecision or…”

“It was fine,” he says.  “Tomorrow is the difficult one.”

“OK darling,” I say, as the kettle boils.  Pouring water onto the coffee granules, I add milk.  “I’ll be around this evening.  Won’t disturb you, but if you want to chat I’m here.”

“OK my lovely,” he says.

Miss that boy.

6.  Send some text messages to some chums.  Need to socialise a bit.

7.  Am loving my book.  This one:  

 It’s a social satire following the judges and authors of a (fictitious) literary prize and it’s laugh-out-loud funny and very clever.  And an easy read, which helps at the moment.  Feels good to be reading again.

Right: had better make cocktail and supper.

Attached photo is cotoneaster.  Saw it on walk with Mum earlier.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2014.  By Edward St. Aubyn.  Literary fiction.


7 thoughts on “Lost For Words*

  1. You are one of my favourite bloggers. Thank you for sharing your struggles in such honesty. Am also bipolar (type I), and I think you do a great job of fighting everything you fight. In short, you inspire me, and I’m glad I found your blog. πŸ™‚

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  2. I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog! You have been an amazing trooper through everything and I am so pleased that you’re out of hospital now. I hope you have a speedy recovery!! I am sending bad karma to the nasty nurse, no matter how bad a day she was having yours was undoubtedly worse!!!! Enjoy Ginuary, total genius idea!!! Happy new year and all the best for 2016!!! XXXXX

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