The Portrait Of A Lady*

A Ginuary triumph: The Portrait of A Pink Lady:


He looks even better in a photo with this person, my new Triceratops Chanukiah:

  You can see them together in the attached photo.

Am sitting in the bath, removing my pink micropore from my scars. Seeing an infected corner, with a stitch still in there, I burst into tears.  Don’t know why it still looks infected after a week of antibiotics.

On the plus side: pop into Debenhams and purchase these from Urban Decay:  

So now have a cruelty-free make-up bag as my blusher and eyeliner pencils are Nars.

No idea whether you care about such things, but there’s a new list (or new to me) of companies who say they don’t test on animals – animal testing for cosmetics is banned in Europe – in fact they test on animals in China.  So many companies are lying to us.

See if the cosmetics you use are tested on animals here:

Nars, Liz Earle, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Bare Minerals and others are on the approved list.  Many many many other brands are not, sadly.

The triceratops comes from here, if you want your own one.  There are also other dinosaurs, hippos and so on:

Happy Monday everyone!
*1881.  By Henry James.  Romantic novel (sort of).


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